About Us

Cre8tive Orchid is an online boutique that was created with those in mind who like to spice up their wardrobe and stand out in the crowd. Our store consist of pre-loved handpicked clothing, accessories and handmade earrings. Cre8tive Orchid intends to always spread love and provide smiles to those who visit and shop here.

Do take a look around and enjoy all that Cre8tive Orchid has to offer!

About the Founder

Hi! I'm Joi Brown, the owner of Cre8tive Orchid. Coming from a family of four children, I learned at an early age how to shop frugally. My mom had a big impact on me when it came to shopping within my means and helped grow my love for fashion, even if it wasn't the most expensive. It wasn’t until high school when I really started to realize all that thrift stores had to offer, after seeing the cutest shirt on one of my schoolmates. From there, I would come to love the hunt of finding cool, unique, vintage or just cheaper clothing that I thought was cute and could be good additions to my wardrobe.

In high school, I told myself I wanted to own my own hair salon. Soon after, I let that dream die and went on to college and studied another field. One year after graduating college, I decided to go to cosmetology school and worked in salons for six to sevens years. I decided to stop when the wear and tear began to be too much on my body.

Still longing to create a business of my own, Cre8tive Orchid was born during the Covid pandemic that has impacted so many. I first started making earrings to help relieve stress and keep a creative mindset going. A few months later, I decided to add my love of thrifting into the mix and share a passion of mine with the world. Much love, hard work and dedication has been put forth and I hope you continue on this journey with me and enjoy the love of creativity and the hunt!